Add more ways to gain monocrystals reliably

As per the title, currently monocrystals can only be gained from the contraband container, trading or via timed Open Space tasks - of which there isn’t a guarantee for there to be a monocrystal mission every time you log on, making gaining monocrystals infinitely harder than before when the daily tasks rewarded them en mass.


My suggestion I guess can take a few forms.

  1. Remove common resources or duplicators from the trophy search phase and replace them with monocrystals

  2. Return daily tasks for monocrystals at a lowered rate.

  3. Guarantee at least one monocrystal mission in the timed Open Space tasks every rotation alongside rare resources (ie; electrum, beryllium, etc.).


Although I can appreciate the thought that players may have had too many chances to gain excessive monocrystals, but thanks to the abysmally low resource cap and excessive crafting requirements for Mk5 items and ship components the previous gain rate was barely making the cut when grinding for a craftable ship or aiming towards a Mk5 set.

  1. Quite a few of those who want to manufacture items will disagree with the notion that beryllium or electrum are common enough. As for duplicators those people who actually do PVE or OS many seem to claim to have a shortage of such items. It might be worth adding monocrystals to the search though especially since they are in such short supply for those who actually still make things with them. 

  2. returning the daily tasks is a great idea. However it is important to note while those who weren’t using  monocrystals may have ended up with a supplies over the storage limit (due mainly to the absurdly small limit) the ones using them had the opposite trouble. Just make it so that you have opt in to get them.

  3. great idea.