Add more features to tire 1 premium ships

Just an opinion, 

i think it would be better if T1 premium ship can have more feature

since we paid for it, i was hoping it would have something more about it.

i don’t want those ship to become OP either, it will make the game imbalance,

just more feature (weapon variety/ module variety)


What do u guys think?

-just more feature (weapon variety/ module variety)-


And that would be OP and P2W…

to be fair you can reach T2 in a matter of hours, t1 ships quite irrelevant

T1 is the starting and learning Tier, it would look bad to new players and it would be clearly P2W. That’s not what we want to do.

I remember when I wanted to get the Black Swarm, that I had to start from T1. I saw a guy from a corp I dont want to name with full T1 premium ships trying to farm DSR killing the poor new guys who fly straight learning the basic. It was interesting.

I’m disappointed they even decided to bring T1 premiums back, it was obviously a decision made from a business point of view.

I think this game needs more weapon variety for all ships, not just premiums. Besides, if they were premium exclusive guns you’d be paying GS for them.

I see, Thanks for the info guys! :slight_smile: