add mark V kits option in the Workshop, after you crafted each weapon, module and equipment component

This suggestion is simple.



Once all weapons, modules and equipment component parts will be upgradable to “mark V version - orange color” , there should be a solution to make mark V kits , which will have the same benefits.

Pirate mark IV variations/versions should get excluded from this.

Only Standard mark V versions should count. However, you can also include the Pirate ones.


Current situation:


Each item is crafted at a full crafting price with the help of the blueprint design.

Crafting a mark V item requires crafting expenses and resources and an original item.

The most imporant resource is a Monocrystal.


Let us assume that we have all of the blueprints in the Workshop.

Now we need to craft more of the same weapons, modules and equipment.

We crafted each weapon, module and equipment once, but we no longer have any Monocrystals left and we need many more, if we want to upgrade at least 1000 mark IV components to mark V.

Solution is simple. Mark V Kits should be introduced.


How do they work? I will explain everything below.




It’s simple. If you already crafted each weapon/module/equipment component at least once , you can now have an alternative option with Mark V Kits.

There should be a special section listed/named "** T3, T4 and T5 Mark V Kits" **** in the Workshop**.

It should automatically unlock , if you crafted each weapon, module and equipment at least once at a full cost.

If you got access to mark V Kits , you can only pay still the same crafting costs, resource costs , but with one important exception.

Monocrystals would only cost 10% of the initial Monocrystal requirements. This means that they would cost 90% less for your 2nd manufactured same item in the Workshop , if you would use Mark V Kit again.


Warning** :**

You would still have the option to craft an item for the same prices each time, if you prefer so. However, you can always select Mark V Kit as a shortcut, which is more prudent and less expensive option.

The choice is yours. Mark V Kits are not salvageable and are they not upgradable in the regular ship’s armory interface, like mark II, and mark IV Kit can be, with green and purple ball upgrade option.

After you get yourself a Mark V Kit, you can also use the ship’s armory interface, to upgrade to mark V with orangle orb displayed on the specified item.


Yes, instead of paying 50 Monocrystals for the modules and 70 Monocrystals for the weapons in T5 , you would now pay the same amount of resources, but with only with one catch.

You will pay only 10% of the initial price. This means that each Mark V Kit will grant you 90% discount.

Of course, added/unlocked equipment would later also be affected by such Mark V Kit upgrade.


I propose this for the equipment components:  (for future reference)


T5 based equipment in general: 30 monocrystals/3 with mark V Kit

T4 based equipment in general: 20 monocrystals/2 with mark V Kit

T3 based equipment in general: 10 monocrystals/1 with mark V Kit


Requirements: (to unlock Mark V Upgrade Kit)


  • T3/T4/T5 mark IV item, resources and the blueprint    (makes such an upgrade possible)

  • produced at least one item/component                        (weapon, module and equipment must be present/recorded or documented in your Armory)


Once those requirements are fulfilled, you will automatically unlock Section T3/T4/T5 Mark V Kits for the item you purchased before or now.

When you will have access to Mark V Kit section in the Workshop, you will only be able to use this in the Workshop, if you wish to upgrade automatically from mark IV to mark V, for reduced cost.

You will buy mark V Kit with credits only each time. Like I already mentioned earlier, you can still decide to pay a full price for the same weapons and modules, if you need duplicates.


Prices for mark V Kits for T3/T4/T5 :


Weapons:    T3 - 300000 credits, T4 - 400000 credits, T5 - 500000 credits

Modules:      T3 - 250000 credits, T4 - 350000 credits, T5 - 450000 credits

Equipment:  T3 - 200000 credits, T4 - 300000 credits, T5 - 400000 credits



Mark V Kit** s give you only 1 advantage . They require 90% less Iridium , because Scientists have found a way, how to refine Iridium with 90% more efficiency**, to get the same advantage.

Short to say, they have perfected the process.


Mark V kit will be detected in the Workshop and if it will be present, the price will change from this: (T5 mark V Singularity Cannon example - without T5 mark V Kit )




To this: (T5 mark V Singularity Cannon example - with T5 mark V Kit in your Armory )


Required components:


1 T5 mark IV Singularity Cannon item/component

1 T5 mark V Upgrade Kit item/component (the most important)

7 Monocrystals instead of 70 Monocrystals

2 Graphite Plates

6 Screened Batteries

4 Osmium Crystals

Crafting/Manufacture price


Interface would need to be slightly enlarged, just to show 6 requirements instead of 5 with no visual issues.


Resource cost and crafting cost remains the same, but Mark V Kit it’s detected in the Workshop, so you get 90% reduction on Monocrystals automatically, if present.

Each used mark V Kit is fully absorbed by the weapon, module or equipment. You need to craft 1 per item.


Limitations : Mark V Kits cannot be salvaged for components or Iridium. They are not salvageable!



Mark V Kits should have more strict additional restriction.


Mark V Kits should only get fully unlocked, if you “sacrifice” each already crafted Mark V item (you lose it), at full cost and thus you can create a Mark V Kit from it.

This means that you will need to craft each new weapon, module and equipment part at least 2 times instead of 1 time in your Career as a Mercenary.

This also means more credit costs or mark II Kits, more resources in general, more loyalty vouchers, more Iridium or mark IV Kits. It doubles the grind to extreme levels.

Mark V Kit should then be unlocked and available in the Workshop as usual.

Commenf, if you wish to add something.


Thank you.

each Mk 5/6 item have to be crafted individually - if you offer kits afterwards the requirements for each will dramatically shrink

each Mk 5/6 item have to be crafted individually - if you offer kits afterwards the requirements for each will dramatically shrink

Mark 6?

Can you elaborate this more clearly?

each Mk 5/6 item have to be crafted individually - if you offer kits afterwards the requirements for each will dramatically shrink

Yes, I can edit the post, to offer such alternative. However, I also had economics in mind. I do not like to grind and I agree. It would still be a better option.

each Mk 5/6 item have to be crafted individually - if you offer kits afterwards the requirements for each will dramatically shrink

Exactly my point.