Add Corporation Alliances

I think it would be a great idea to add official corporation alliances to the game.


I know in pasts posts, it has been said that this feature is planned for the future, but I thought I would make a few suggestions of how they could work.


-A limit of corps per alliance should be set (say 4 corp max).


-Corporation CEO’s would be the only one’s with the power to declare an alliance.


-Corporations in the alliance can use each other’s pilots for dreadnought attacks.


-The name would be created by whichever CEO starts the alliance, but all CEO’s in the alliance (at the time of creation) must approve the name before it is applied to the alliance. (Alliance Tag will also follow these rules).


-Alliance Tag will follow corp tag. i.e. DarthDirk [NASA] -NOA- (Maybe offer several options for brackets around the alliance tag, like -NOA-, =NOA=, (NOA), etc.)


Any other thoughts?

Neat ideas. I like the idea of a 4 corp max, just to keep things from getting too out of hand. Alliances could have their own logos, too.


Perhaps allied corporations receive a small percentage of their allied corp’s sector rewards? It would be a nice incentive to actually keep alliances going.



I am of two minds on this.


On the one hand, I think it’d be a great idea if smaller corps could pool resources and work together to achieve things in SQ that they might struggle to do alone.


On the other hand, the last thing we need is 3-4 of the biggest, meanest Corps on the block banding together to essentially shut everyone else out of Sector Conquest.


There was an issue like that on a game called Puzzle Pirates, whereby the entire map was owned by two huge alliances, so even if you chose to attack a tiny, unimportant little island owned by a crew that had been inactive for three months, you’d invariably be curb-stomped by a huge armada of uber-strong players.


Maybe if an alliance had all the limitations of a Corp it would work. So in that sense it is always better to go solo if you can, but if you get 4 small corps they have the hitting power of a single big corp, but each one gets 1/4 of the spoils they’d normally get.

This has already been suggested a couple of times and it is not planned in the near future.

Think about an aliance between first 4 corps in the game, they wil get all the sector so easy.And how split the sector reward?Other corp reamin with maybe a few irelevant sectors.


as said, this wont be implemented, sorry