Add a mode, a queue, or a feature of open space, where you may choose your faction and must use that faction’s ships for at least 24 hours before you’re allowed to switch sides. essentially, a 3-way war.

Basically, I fell in love with the idea when I initally started playing the game, I wanted to choose a side, fight for that side, use only that side’s ships, and so on and so forth. I wanted to take pride in that faction and fight against others of different factions and side with the brothers and sisters of the faction I chose. What I want, ladies and gentlemen, is war. not just any war, and certainly no cold wars. What I want i want is for everyone, in open space, or at least in a separate mode from the casual arcade pvp mindset everyone seems to be in that we can have proper, realistic matches against the opposite factions. Let there be War! let there be straight lines of Empire Legions against straight lines of Jericho War Machines. or straight lines of Federation battalions against one or the other of the opposition. or even make it a 3-way War. Bring on the bloodshed! bring on our long awaited faction war that will blot out the sun from the sky and bring peace at last, when everyone else is dead and only one faction stands to tell the tale! Come forth you legions! Come forth you battalions! Come and face the wrath of The Jericho War Machine!!!


p.s. For corporations, the side of the corporation you choose would be the side you take, for consistency sake and emphasis and such and such. 

-pokes community~

Basically no, because 24 hours are a long time and i don’t like being limited in my ship choice, (since i really like ships of all factions). On the contrary, I do agree on the demand for large scale Open Space PvP (and also PvE) battles/wars. (Gimme that wolf girl, now!)