Active-Lock System [Passive Mod]

Name: Activ-Loctm System

Type: Passive CPU Module

Ranks: 7-15

Crafted: Yes

Blueprint cost: 12,000,000cr

Tooltip: The Activ-Loctm System is a passive module designed for tactical use in homing missiles. It allows the user to actively lock on to any given target to change the course of any homing missiles that have been fired. Because a separate system is controlling the missiles, IR flares do not deflect them.

Function: If a homing missile is fired, the user may lock on to a target while it is still flying to change the missile’s course to that target. This makes targeting specific enemies easier, but also makes it only possible to target one enemy at a time with missiles.

If multiple missiles are flying at once, they will all target the selected enemy.

Seems it could use a buff somehow (cant think of one yet).

I don’t see a real use of this. Either the missile is to fast to activate in time, the fly time is to low(some have only 3s-) or you are just to slow to follow the target.

This sounds for me like trying to make missiles into doomsday/guided torpedos.

Well it kinda is, just without the massive power boost. This would also allow for players to fire a missile and then lock an enemy to make that missile that would normally have missed, actually be somewhat accurate.

Lemme edit for a bit less uselessness.

What happen if the target cloak?

Is your ship like jericho LRFs?


The benefit in this module is far too small, especially 12m credits would be a insane waste.

If the target is cloaked, you cannot lock them. Does this answer your question?

Also, yes the price is a tad high. I just assumed that making it essentially useless and entirely too hard to get was how y’all liked things.