Achievements - outdated and missing information

I have to remind you.



This is an issue now.

Nobody updated some achievements, especially for Open Space and Special Ops.

Now, with the introduction of 1.2.0 update, this should be corrected.


Just one example from the screenshots:


Outdated and missing information (missing information about new PvE locations/maps in the achievements menu).


Federation achievement example: (missing locations)



Jericho achievement example: (missing locations)



Empire achievement example: (missing locations)



Neutral locations achievement example: (missing locations)



Special Ops achievements example: (missing achievements for Destroyer Special Ops)



Update the achievements, when you win Special Ops, so that you could also receive such notification from Destroyer mission and not just from Defiler.


Update and add an achievement, which will bring you additional recognition, if you defeat Destroyer in T5 Special Ops, etc.


Description: (Destroyer T V PvE or T III-V)

Survive without getting killed once.


You and your team survived without getting killed once.


Apply the same achievement conditions as for the Defiler’s mission, just add them for the new mission.

We could also get a new unlocked title with the Destroyer Special Ops and maybe even more GOLD (GS), as a reward for completion of such challenge.





Will you extend or add new achievements anytime soon?

Game must always be up-to-date with content and the description.