Acceleration Coils change and consequences

Ships getting faster and faster but weapon projectile speed is the same from T1 to T4.

This means, without proj. speed boosters it will be harder and harder to hit the fighters, and especially the interceptors.



(I’m with the fed, so sorry that i will use plasma weapons as examples)

The assault weapon have the same proj speed as a rapid fire which is 1750 m/s.

To hit the target in optimal range you need 1.54 sec with an assault and 0.96 sec with a rapid.

A starter ship has ~190 m/s speed, a T3 has 200-230 m/s with a fighter and 230+ with ceptors.


We (or at least i) needed the projectile speed boost to hit a fast moving target in optimal range.


Sure you could use the Acceleration Coils with a horizon module and make your long range weapon a real sniper weapon (which only works against slow target = frig harasser)



At the moment the jericho rank 6 skill is must have for plasma/rail gun users. Laser don’t suffer from this change because lasers don’t have projectiles.



So make the weapons proj. speed faster with tier, or give us back the only (exept jericho skill) way to keep up with the ship speeds.


Agreed. Put it in suggestions.