About level requirements regarding to ellydium node




As you can see in the screenshots, I cannot proceed further nodes due to clearance level.

This becomes huge drawback to my build, and my Jericho recon build is as weak as melting icecream.

Also some modules are unlockable like ‘Inhibitor Crystal’ etc…


I can understand clearance level requirement is needed to make player feel rewarding after leveling up and prevent player from

rush-buying habits,

But why clearance level requirement is needed to open each node?


This situation is telling me like this: “You take time to level up or pay money to rush or just leave your ship vulnerable.”


So my suggestion?


  1. Please remove clearance level requirement to open each node.




2. Please put level requirement in the first place: If you are not level 12, you cannot build Ellydium ship.




  1. At least put warning message like this: “You do not have clearance level 12, some nodes can be unlocked only after you reached level 12”

   Before player decide to build this ship.