Ability to Ping target without locking it

I suggest to separate Lock and Ping or Create a separate keybind to only Ping without locking a target, here is why

(Obviously it is not that important in a squad with voice comm)

Quite often i see some sneaky-sneaky guys trying to Flank your lines (Bomb/Capture The Beacon are the most often where it happens), so i want to let my team know and get some attention from my team towards that ninja, but the only way is to ping him, as soon as i start pinging that guy or someone else, he will know someone is locking on him and his position is revealed, even if enemy team does not have enough sensor range to see who is locking on you. That will make any sane players to turn around in most cases.

already exists:


I’ve been using this and can confirm it works. I set the hotkey to middle mouse.

All eyes on target pings your cursor location or the nearest beacon/ship.  I use it all the time to ping beacons, attack drones,  microlocators/repair stations without ever changing who I’m locked onto.   I like using the V key though as it’s within easy reach of your WASD fingers.

Might be worth adding that you can ping from the map view too (useful for pinging the next beacon).

xKostyan you stupid idiot! there is shortcut for it already :)))

Eyah never looked at “num pad” shortcuts

Sine the problem has been solved, I will lock this thread.