A1MA slight change

The A1MA is probably the most evolved module in the entire game as of now. It has gone from a must-have tool for every pilot, to a piddly little thermal turret that can barely track a fighter.

It’s not really a focus in the game right now but could definitely still use some tweaking.


Instead of having a (super long) cooldown, it should function as a continuous energy draining module with a toggle.

While “off” it should function as it does now, firing once per second and dealing light persistent damage, but with zero barrel rotation speed limit.

While “on” it should drain energy (not a huge amount, because of inty use) constantly until you run out or turn it off, and function like it does now in the active mode. It should also gain back a slight barrel rotation speed limit.


This way, when pilots really need that extra bit of damage and don’t need tons of energy, they can turn on their little turret buddy to help take down that pesky target.

I support this idea whole-heartedly