A1MA IV module - it should be upgradable to mark IV or mark V

This is a very simple suggestion.

A1MA in my opinion needs a buff, so please, make it upgradable.


A1MA IV (active) module



Deals 400 EM damage per second for 4 sec. Affects the locked target in a 2500 m. radius.


It requires 320 points of energy to activate and the cooldown is 42 seconds long.

Sell price is 26910 credits.


mark I -  as stated above in the description

mark II - unavailable

mark III - unavailable

mark IV - unavailable

mark V - unavailable/questionable


Please, implement at least T4 A1MA upgradable options up to mark IV or mark V.



It should only affect cooldown rate of the module and the damage output.





A1MA IV module can fire through solid matter, like the Biomorph’s Pulsar can on Predator or Hunter.

Second example is the Matter Inverter.



Please, comment and vote!

Thank you.




Sincerely,  Koromac

Upgradeable to mk4 makes sense, like the reverse thrusters

It should beupgradable although maybe just increase the damage or recharge time, as both would probably get it down to 30s recharge and almost plasma web damage.

I would like to see it become a module which is usable in all the higher tiers, like the reverse thruster, now that it is balanced.  I guess that’s a different suggestion and needs a new thread though.


As to the upgradable-ness, yes, why not.

There was an ask the devs awhile back in which it was suggested that AIMA might not be in its final form. I personally was hoping they’d turn it into an anti-drone pulsar.

But that might explain why it can’t be upgraded that far, because it’s not finished…

I’ve never seen a demo of one and sadly will never get it due to how rediculously pricy it is (more than 2 million, just to LEARN how to manufacture one. Then I need to make one for free. or Buy it and craft like the duplicators… I don’t see an option to just buy it flat out)

 22 Second mark

 22 Second mark

Nice one on you, Vic*!

*My slang term for a vice president, who in this case is VP of the Corp that I’m in, lol

Assessed and forwarded to the developers, gekaler?

sorry, only missed to comment, was forwarded and declined

sorry, only missed to comment, was forwarded and declined

And now I am stuck  with one mark 1 module - A1MA and the rest are mark 4 or mark 5.