A1MA Improvement

TLDR: Current A1MA sucks. Change it to increase projectile speed for projectile weapons and RoF for laser weapons. As you upgrade the bonus is reduced while range increases. Bonus to spread remains the same through all Mks.

A1MA is a no-skill pseudo-pulsar that wastes a module space for both nооb and veteran pilots alike. A nооb pilot could fit a module that could help him survive much longer while a veteran pilot could fit a module that improves damage output or a survival module.

What I suggest is turning A1MA into a module that benefit both nооb player and the veteran player. Now instead of the current, fake, EM-dealing, one target, low damage A1MA here is what I propose is a module that helping the player hit the target but still requires the player to aim and use reflexes (something the original A1MA missed).

At Mark1, A1MA will increase projectile speed and lower spread for a certain amount of time. For laser weapons, rate of fire will be increased but DPS slightly lowered therefore allowing players to hit more often yet only increase DPS by a little. (It would practically be the same concept as the recent plasma gun upgrade where hitting became easier but damage for each projectile was reduced to compensate). Mark1 is for players with less aiming skill.

Mark2 is where things start to shift toasted toward (autocorrect) the veteran side. The decrease in spread remains the same in Mark1. The increase in projectile speed/ROF is less but range is increased.

Mark3 is a continuation of Mark2 whileMark4 is a continuation of Mark3. There is still a projectile speed/RoF bonus but not much.

Tell me what you think.

Also maybe allow multiple A1MAs on for different purposes but you can’t have more than one activated. If you turn on the second but the first is already on, the first would deactivate automatically.

This on is iffy.

also stop creating the same thread every months

also stop creating the same thread every months

That statement is neither accurate or helpful. If you’ve noticed I have trimmed down the amount of threads created. The last thread I’ve made regarding the A1MA was months ago and it was a different suggestion.

Now if you don’t have anything useful to say don’t say it. I mean this with respect. This conversation, if you can even call it that, between us is now over.

I am glad to see that you have adopted this phrase well, but what i didnt tell you after i taught you this phrase is that over using it (that is exactly what you are doing with it) with such a serious tone aren’t making you look any smarter. If you are struggling with what to say, don’t be shy we can help you.

Almost every month there is a new designer-gamebalance-gury that proposes awesome ideas of their.

There is a list of thing that devs have to go through, and its sorted by priorities, A1MA on it but no where close to the top, and that is not some sacred inside info, that is a common sense of how life works.

On the other hand another thread about design surely hurts nobody. I myself am spamming Help threads, so i should know. I mean u must be very desperate or bored to even read this forum in da first place.

I like it, I doubt the developers would add it, but I definately support!

I say we move the current A1MA functionality to a different module, and make the actual A1MA this. +1 to anti-no-skill modules.

Thanks for the support. I would like this to be forwarded to the devs. At least they will look at it 6 months from now instead of never.

similar idea have already been forwarded


please stop proposing similar changes

similar idea have already been forwarded


please stop proposing similar changes


This is the first time I have mentioned anything like this in it’s own thread. Other A1MA changes I have proposed are different. May I see the forwarded thread please?