A1MA Destroyer Adaptation

I just recently thought of it and thought that it would make a great module for the Destroyers, though with some changes;

The model would be that of a large round driod sitting on the module spot.

It would passively zap any nearby enemies in a 1300m radius just like an EM pulsar, dealing 800 damage per second to all targets within radius. This would deter any nearby enemies and make interceptor orbiting fatal.

When activated it would give the “Droid-Assist” buff for 18 seconds.

Name: Droid-Assist

Type: buff

Tooltip: Improves the main weapon’s characteristics in many ways for 18 seconds. Also heals the user’s hull by 25% over that time.

Function: adds +40% velocity, +10% damage, -33% spread, +10% RoF(not for meson), and +45% range.

Lasts 18 seconds. Also heals 25% of the destroyer’s hull over a period of time.



Pulsar for Destroyers. . .  nailed it.


An orbiter-proof module. That can be destroyed. And would probably deal massive damage to the dessy. But it is also a way to repair the hull. Because we all know that destroyers need that.

+1 I can’t afford a destroyer (after years of playing).

+2 I don’t fly interceptors.


I’m signed up for this.


Is op as xxxx

Let there be devs

Man you went really far Fox, this is *like* engaging overdrive and turning into a temporary (18 secs is a lot) guard (a lot of heal+pulsar). Also destroyers are meant to be “weak” against interceptors (they are the opposite), not a click to win against them…destroyers should be considered as a support ship as well and not a solo-rambo-killing-spree-ship-i-dont-care-what-you-fly-ant-man.

Yeah the heal was a second thought. Destros really need a way to heal their hull effectively. Someone make a suggestion for that.

Yeah the heal was a second thought. Destros really need a way to heal their hull effectively. Someone make a suggestion for that.


Wait your proposal was serious? I thought you were trolling lol.


xxxx yuo sheit Fox.

Or it could -just- be a repair mechanic. Maybe like 33% over 120 seconds or something. Idk.

*Grabs shotgun*

*Aims at fox*

*Aims at his head*

To make sure this brainstorm ends… Seriously, think before you act(suggest)!

We are not here to balance your suggestions, actually do it before you post.

If you want a dev to ever read your stuff, SPAM LESS.

Destroyers DO NOT need OWN hull heal, they should not be totally independent killing machines but they are already, this would make them be >>>>>>>>>>> Everything his game ever supplied.


One word.

2 letters.

For good.


Destro’s AIMA is blaster turret, no need to have more.

hmmm i smelll love in the aiiirrrr

‘I win’ button. And every single described function is already undertaken by other mods / special mods, you just adapt them to your build. It’s like wanting every faction’s special module, ship bonuses and slots in one go, with added benefits.

We are not planning to do this, but more active modules for destroyers are coming.

Well technically more active modules were already here, but they would have made everyone in T3 leave because they were so crazy. That’s exactly why I liked them.

Imagine what people will say when black holes hit the stage. If they knew me, they’d probably think that it was my idea. XD

(Though it wasn’t my idea btw. Not sure where it actually came from. Kudos to whoever thought up this amazing module.)