A Suggestion for ESB

Hello ESBs, I would like to recommend that you stop spawn camping people. It’s obvious you enjoy winning which is why you resort to Ace methods like spawn camping. You guys won the tournament, and i expect more from a corp that wins the tournament which is why i really hope you will stop this nonsense. I do find it ironic that i was called a Ace by one of your members today for torpedoing him while he was spawn camping my team!! (???)  Makes no sense to me, but perhaps he doesn’t speak english to well and meant to say nice shot. Who knows? I hope you will take this to heart. Thanks!


I have a feeling you wouldn’t be complaining if you had the fortune of being placed on the same side as ANY (and not just ESB) halfway coordinated squad.

You got spawn camped because your team failed to hold even the slightest bit of ground, either due to poor team composition, or poor execution. Asking nicely isn’t going to stop it. It’s a PvP game, you play to win, and if an enemy lets themselves get pushed all the way back to their spawn, you take advantage of it. They are in YOUR spawn, take the initiative and punish them for overextending so far into your territory.

Get better and be more mindful of what the TEAM needs to hold a position. Find a corp to squad with so you have more even odds. It’s on YOU to stop the enemy from doing what they want.

Yeah well that’s all well and good, but whenever i get down to their hull, they have the 7 second immunity. Spawn camping is cheap. If asking nicely won’t work, i have something else in mind. oh and it can also be called bad sportsmanship. just saying. 


you want it to stop, you get better at this game.

The suggestion forum is for suggestions related to the game. If you have an issue with ESB, feel free to contact their ceo.