A rework of Support ships.

This is a suggestion to add to support ship rework.

First, Create a new class of ship (Support) that is frigate class (or larger).

Each ship will have large amounts of energy, and Armor / Sheilding (depending on its respective race) But will have no weapon slots.

Mods for healing will now be changed, To channel healing effects on a target because this game does not have a targeting system in it (manual) its best to make the mods work like a weapon, Possibly even make a weapon for this specific ship (only).

Make these weapons have no cool down, but drain the energy, almost at the same rate that the afterburner does in a frigate.

put a large HPS Effect on the beams, say 60-80 a second, up to 110-120 heals a second. Slap a range of 8k optimal on it, and let the healers go at it. give these ship types 2-3 slots (Active) 3 passive. so that its tank can be heavy and it can offer both shield, armor, and some optional third type of support.

Buff the other support mods to have further range when used in this ship (or make stronger versions for this ship).

from here we an see how it go’s

here you trying to make it an rpg? is that what you’re describing as a monk. then we can equal another messmer and take a wizard to and we have Star Guildwars :crazy:

No, But eve onlines healing / support ships were extremely Fun to plan, and the game is very close to this one, Its healing was balanced because it could rep well at long distances, but if was caught by a ceptor or something was almost for sure to be dead.

a similar support ship in this game, would make the game incredibly fun and attracktive