A "remove cruise engine" suggestion

I suggest that you remove the module, but keep the effect.

By this I mean give all ships the ability to keybind a sort of “just get me from point A to point B quickly” button.

It should have a charge up of a certain amount of time before it activates so that it isn’t too useful in PvP, but you should be able to drop out of cruise mode instantly, should you be required to fight.

-1, Please No




I like where this is going :slight_smile: Please continue!



I hate chicken taklers but they taste so yummy :3

Cruise needs a nerf but this… -1

Cruise needs a nerf but this… -1

 Damn man u broke the chain… :frowning:

-6 as it should get double - for:

a) nerfing a slot just for the sake of nerfing it

b) mimic it the warp-drive of recons(at least it your ‘suggestion’ sound so)

c) Warp-drives should be a thing(at least for bigger ones) already as it fit the engine sizes of big ships.

Cruise needs a nerf but this… -1


Dude, you are definitely drunk :frowning: Yours should have been a “-5”!

Dude, you are definitely drunk :frowning: Yours should have been a “-5”!

I’m at work… Drunk would be great :confused:




I’m all for removal of cruise engine. But while they’re around, abuse is the greatest thing when OP stuff hits the fan.

It’s in the title: remove the suggestion… +1



Cruise engine deprives you of strafing. Cripples your turn rate. Please dont talk scheuz like removing it or shatz like that… Where is this world going… :expressionless:

Cruise is fine, just learn to use it. …or when to use it. …or why use it.

Oh don’t get me wrong. I love the cruise engine. I’m just suggesting getting rid of the module and adding a cruise “mode” for flight. Primarily for OS.

To much “noooo” here. Looks like the decision has been made.