a new kit for frigates

how about this then, a new kit for frigates that can be bought or earned in game…Cargo Extender…they can come in different sizes, maybe the smallest is a 2 slot extender, then 4 then 6, so those of us that like gathering junk cna have the space to do it. Wouldnt need any real changes to the existing ships at all, just somethign new to get from a mission or for sale or manufacture.Would be easy to do and make a lot of players happy, since they ahve mentioend it many times.

The idea is not bad. We could get our own cargo drone with 120+ sec cooling rate instead of extending capacity. However, losing a slot for a “Cargo Extender” wouldn’t worth it. Use the cargo drones placed on maps instead.

This has already been suggested.


Some kind of premium module that allows you to increase your hold capacity.  I think many people would buy it!  I say premium, since it is an added bonus, and not required to play the game properly, but those who really want it can make their lives a bit more comfortable by using money.

suggested multiple times - and under discussion at the Devs