A map with two starships

I think about the map with two starships (AI) and players (Small Fighter). The starships will move the the center. Fighters have mission to protect their owns and destroy enemy starship. the team that can destroy enemy starship will win the game. The starships can shoot each other by big Laser Cannon and in the close range they shoot  like star war with laser turret.

It may be a pain to prgram and cost a lot of bandwidth. That said I cannot think of a better way to end a Sector Conquest against a foe.

Good idea, simpler to a VIP mode in FPS’s. Bandwidth is not a issue since you already have starships doing this in PVE firing thousands of flack turrets.

i like this idea alot  i was thinking about posting this but im glad there are other on the same oppinion :slight_smile:


im impressed on some those big starships we sometimes recognize the huge glowing engines  and it can only be amazing to have one on our side / or the enemy side which we have to encounter :wink:


not think there be to much trouble on bandwidt  if this starship is only “AI”  like in PVE mode all the AI ships  :)

There’s a lot of homework to do here for documentation: games, movies, whatever else

I’d put eve online’s capital ship system on the list (tho it’s not that great to look into because of the blob vs blob fights that plague the game atm - and the reason i’ve put it on pause till summer / next winter).

The best place to look into is Freespace 1 and especially 2, really. Played only FS2 so far but the game offers immense volumes of info about it - the game is fps style simulator where you control fighters / bombers (+ wings of these as you are the captain of alpha wing and sometimes others) and the capital ships are NPC controlled (tho endgame you gain access to in-fight commands even to these ships and assistance modules like the TAG rocket which highlights a hit enemy for the capitals’ anti-fighter beam cannons) - for bandwidth problems search for BoE discussions (Battle of Endor from Star Wars) to eventually spot anything important.

Mixing the 2 i listed, players could dive into getting capital ships themselves. Already seen dreadnaught being implemented if i remember well?

This reminds me of the Assault game mode in Star Wars Battlefront 2, where there are 2 capital ships with several escort vessels. The two teams have to use different types of star craft, turrets, boarding parties, and try to disable the primary systems of the two capital ships. The one with the most points clams victory.


I’ve actually expected such a game mode for faction/corp warfare in sector conquest.

I would really like to this this a as actual game mode… If you’ve played Star Wars Battlefront 2, those kind of space battles are what I hope to see in the future, where you can choose to go after enemy fighters, or damage the enemies capital ship. I think it would be really cool in Star Conflict. 

: )