A logical premium fix

Since the 0.9.0 synergy grind/premium xxxx over, I’ve wondered about “understandable” fixes to premium ships.  Currently, they’re supposed to be top of the tier class ships of a factions mainstay.  What if the synergy gained helped progress to the next tier of that faction’s line?  A Nuken I would help get a Prometheus Fire, an Alligator Mk III would help get a Grizzly(blame the ship tree, not me), a Crus type S would help get a Tormentor.  This way, paying does help advance with ships you’re willing to pay for.  If you’re willing to pay for them, you’ll probably want the next tier and maybe you’ll even pay.  This will avoid the “pay to slow progression” as is, and turn it back into “pay not to grind.”


It’s also something that at least to me sounds reasonable to a publisher, considering the premium nerf.  I’ve switched some of my ships back to premium just to go back to having fun.

Free Synergy. Whatever excuses that’s been given not allowing people to progress using Premium ships have been unsatisfactory.

+1000 to the OP

Premium ships should be a valid alternative to leveling a free ship. Right now, I’m clocking around 10-12K a match in my Premium ships at T3, and potentially I can achieve that 10-12K in two or three ships. That 36K xp translates into about 6 or 7K free synergy. Pathetic compared to what I should be getting.

Currently, there is no “Pay to Grind Less” unless you’re buying the DLCs and stay in T3 forever. The current 20% Free Synergy gain is… laughable, at best… Which means they merely broke their own income. Heavily. But they don’t care because people STILL use Premium ships (especially the DLC ones) and people STILL pay to get that Synergy out. So zero effort will ever be put into actually pleasing the entire community on this matter. The Premiums, unfortunately for everyone, will remain as they are.

Having premiums allow to jump into a ship tree still qualifies as a nerf over 0.8, but might be logical enough for Gaijin to endorse.  I’m at 4/8 on Swift Mk 3, yet I have almost 850k of synergy built up onto my Eagle-B.  That should count for something towards a Kite-M without paying.  Then maybe I’d switch to T4 in closer to peak hours.  My Desert Eagle has almost 620k synergy on it, but to get a Prometheus Fire I have to fully level up a Phobos.


It would cost 11k GS to transfer my current synergy on my premium ships, ignoring my elites.


I can “understand” the status on elites, but premiums cost cash.

It’s been a week now, two thirds for my idea, one third for only free synergy, and one troll for the system as is.


I’m at 15k GS to transfer all my premium + elite synergy, $37.50.