A french forum

Hello, a growing community of French players is present on your game . And therefore to meet, I have an idea! Creates a sub forum for French

I saw that many are lost And not all speak English . So on behalf of all French community, I would like you to create a sub forum for us !

we would be all very grateful!   

                                                                                Kurokami , french player

Ps : Sorry for my bad english :smiley:


I’m a french player, so a subforum will be great.


Wow,cool,seems you like “Darker than black” :good:

Yeah well why not :slight_smile:

Gemini Crocket agreed!

I only speak English, and I say. Get the Frenchies out of here~! +1  :good:

Thx Onedude ^^

I’m not so bad with english,but the truth is, it would be very helpful for me to speak my native language on star conflict.




it is planned to move our forum to a new adress and when the basics are done I will create a french sub forum for you.

thank you for this :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes ! thanks ! :smiley:

Yep ! Thanks !!!