a few mods

I would sugggest a ramming abilty for the upcomming Jericho ships as well as stronger lock-ons (lock on to a ship, get close and activate ram -boom- : )


this looks lake a perfect ramming ship to me :stuck_out_tongue:

Aso the ranking sistem needs to be reworked. acheaving rank 3 (which will unlock more ships) takes too much time.

(and as a Free-to-Play game, Exp boosts are expected but, it still needs to be lowerd another k or 2)

Another small point, the graphics need more opctions, my semi-low powerd laptop can’t take the heat. (i fully understand if this point doesn’t happen untill the game opens, graphics is a very diffcult thing to master for any game)

A final note, fps and ping is way out of wack, more higher powerd servers need to be added. (fixing that alone would fix the game for grand opening)

Sorry if i am giving out detales about the game, the closed and open forums don’t have anything for suggestions.