A few issues (both design and gameplay)

I’ve been playing for a few days now, and i have a few issues that have popped up…


First of all, a minor issue: the default controls and detection. I think a lot of people out there are not using a qwerty keyboard, or have multiple layouts configured… shift + alt is the key used to switch keyboard layouts in. I myself use azerty unless forced to use qwerty, as in this game. The result is that, if i maneuver fully using the default controls, i simply lose control of my ship xD. I would also like if the game properly detected a keyboard layout, as i have to always remember to switch if i go into the game.


Second, something that just seems absurd. In the gamemode with the EMP bombs, i have had dozens of times where an enemy goes straight for the bomb and i chase. I’m i nthe lynx-m, wit ha target painter and assault plasma cannon t1 mk3. I fire at the enemy all the way from the pickup to one of the points… and the enemy can easily just go in a straight line, not bothering with evasion, and still arrive with enough health to plant the bomb. I haven’t kept track of the ship used, but this type of imbalance is simply ridicilous in a gamemode like this. It turns some of the games in nothign but a “who can pick up the bomb first” as long as the person picking it up has an OP ship. This is all tier 1 by the way, i can’t imagine how things go in higher tiers where ships supposedly last longer…


Next, there seems to be a lot of other imbalances too. I may be new, but i can get 2 or 3 shot in a tanked t1 fighter, yet when i take one of the frigates which can snipe, the damage i do is almost negligable, i’d simply be doing more with a fighter at close range. I don’t know what affects this damage other than the main weapon, which i already maxed… but there’s no indication of what causes this huge difference, and it is annoying to a new player.


As a last note… devs might want to look into hackers, from time to time there’s silly things going on like a cloaked frigate that’s still sniping, or someone who just zaps right at you with a laser despite coming from behind an asteroid cloaked and not having been targeted in the same life. Such hacks are annoying as hell, but obviously the game isn’t to blame here.


That’s about all. This is definitely a fun game, looking forward to learning the ropes and see what’s coming up as it heads towards release. :slight_smile:



Ok brace yourself… this might come off as rude… But, do you play games much? Specifically flight games, or Space games? The controls are great, except I changed my roll to A & D, and my strafe to Q, and E… I wouldn’t complain if they gave YOU the option to use your keyboard layout, but to change the controls completely (if affecting QWERTY users) would be a horrible idea.

 I’m sorry to say, but maybe you’re shooting the wrong type of weapon at the person who picked up the EMP? They might have a SWAP resistance shield/armor “F”. Also you said

… and assault plasma cannon t1 mk3…and still arrive with enough health to plant the bomb…

You’re using a EM weapon which does REDUCED dmg to HULL/HP. EM is for Shield DMG. From what you told us… You’re doing it wrong.

 I’ve never ever had these issues. ANY OF THEM… If you’re in a Frigate, yes getting sniped by another Frigate is useless… It just tickles. How’ever if you’re a Frigate Sniper, and you snipe at Fighters and Such… You should pwn them hard. Otherwise you’re not getting a Direct, Precise Hit. (they also could have resistances for that weapon DMG TYPE)

 This is a thinkers game, as well as a Skill based game. So far it’s pretty much Legit as far as I can see. MINOR! and I mean MINOR adjustments to balance are needed. Right now as it stands even without these little adjustments you can still counter in defense or on your offense easily if you can think.

I haven’t played much “space shooter” games like this, only real experience would be x3 and x3: albion prelude. I didn’t meant the controls completely though; the biggest issue with the keyboard layout is the use of alt. With a rebind that is fixed, but the switching is still annoying for every time the game starts. Most games will detect windows’ keyboard layout and remap accordingly, so that my azerty keyboard will have zqsd used as wasd would be on a qwerty keyboard. It basically keeps the position of the keys the same, just remaps to fit your layout when you install/run the first time.


As for the resistance types… I really don’t have a clue. I do not know what the enemy will have before the game starts and it is impossible to switch during the game, so you’re still stuck. Seems the way to go would be lasers then, as thermal does equal damage? However, that way it essentially means if you play that gametype you have to use thermal and nothing else, kind of silly.


As for being a thinkers game… it seems mostly a research game as well, since none of the damage types actually have any explanation ingame. Nor did i know the sniper actually changes damage types depending on the main weapon, as it only mentions the amount of damage in the tooltip and graphically it is always the same weapon. With all this in mind i suppose i should just use lasers on every ship and ignore other weapons.


EDIT: little update, it definitely isn’t just the weapon type… exact same thing just happened again, chasing a ship in an interceptor with highest beam laser i can get, extra 33% damage module, etc. The enemy didn’t even go down to half armour before he placed the bomb, and that was with continual fire on him (no, i am not missing a hitscan weapon on a target that doesn’t evade…)