A couple of ideas that would definitelly make the game feel less like a "carrot on a stick" nightmare

Well, lets just list them:

  1. IRIDIUM CRATES - this thing could use a little bit of a revamp, especially since there is an incredible accumulation of parts that are just not on demand, whereas others sell like hot cakes. Why isnt there a mechanic, that would allow you to recycle the unwanted stuff to some other materials and/or portion of the iridium that the crate which it comes from costs? It would balance out the market, because stuff that doesnt sell gets munched so other stuff that is more on demand can be acquired and sold = win/win as expensive stuff drops in price and stuff that constantly sits on the market dissappears and possibly pushes its demand a little higher.

  2. SEED CHIPS - this thing should be just turned off in PvP sectors or, better yet, turned off against players. OS PvP is a joke, as a player with the most OP chips spawn camps the ever living sh*t out of everyone and there usually isnt much you can do (unless you got lucky and farmed said chips like a maniac AND you are flying that particular chip). PvP should be PvP without PvE content.

  3. BATTLE PASS REWARDS - monos, xenos, paints, free premium or monos, paints etc. alright, why not. But why the hell do we receive Ze’ta spines/brains for like a 7th (?) time already as a high-end reward (or a reward from part 2) ? A welcome change could be something more practical, like a reasonable amount of basic resources, iridium, ship parts (those that are acquired from a particular actual season, like dyrnwyn/gungnir right now), rare blueprints or a blueprint of choice etc. etc.

  4. LASER BOTS - a laser bot in an enemy team is a stuff of nightmares - get locked in by it and see how you literally melt away. Who gives a crap about them in Co-op skirmish or PvE, but portals/seccon (especially portals)? That is just ridiculous.

  5. THE FREAKING CRYSTALLINE SUPPRESSOR - this has been brought up numerous amount of times by several people already -that module is imbalanced and should be nerfed HARD. Anything smaller than a destroyer gets one shot by this (yeah, even frigates at times) while healing allies at the same time. Cherry on top? 30 seconds cooldown. Pyro emitter has got a 30 seconds cooldown and it is nowhere near as impactful as this bullsh*t. In fact no module in the game is, its essentially an eraser for enemies on a 30 second cycle.

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