A couple ideas



  1. It can be difficult to get a group together. In fact it can be downright aggravating. Even within a corp.

It would be nice if there was a corporate message board so that players could state the times they are available and the level range they would like to work on. This would better allow the members to coordinate their play time and prevent the frustration of waiting for a match through the launcher.


  1. 1v1 pvp with a right click to initiate/invite to a fight. Again, the launcher is incredibly slow to get a pvp match, especially since it appears that it is looking for 4 man groups. 


  1. Many players in a launch based group don’t speak. That makes it hard to invite them to a group. How about implementing a delayed invite from the map loading screen? Right click/invite.






  1. Not bad, but this would need to show up as we hover over the username of a character. I don;t think the green/red status could allow for this to be squeezed in.

  2. I can see how this can be abused if MM is disabled to streamline the process. Just pack a high teir ship, find a low rank player, and 1v1 him for easy wins.

  3. We have invitations that can be canceled. I find it useful for dreadnought and tourney wings with the corp.