A bunch of suggestions.(because I'm bored)

Before anything, the content in the spoilers is a more detailed explanation of my suggestions, feel free to read them if you feel like it, but just so you know, I didn’t bother to write thousands of characters of needless rants, just the essential, let’s begin.

1.Remove the Spy Drones without the need of taking crash damage.


Yes, you would still have to crash into things to shake them off, that is the main way to get rid of them, but light bumps usually take no health away from you thus the drones won’t go away, now you could use the 9c implant, that shield damage will regenerate quick, but what if you have the 9a or 9b installed instead? Or if you have dangerously low amounts of health? In an emergency situation you cannot afford to get only 50% of the heal, let’s not talk about the constant visibility that if you still so happen to have very low health and you are being chased down, invisibility can be your last way of escaping and waiting for the drones to go away might not be the solution, to me it’s just plain annoying that you need to take damage in order to shake them off, whether all that it takes from the enemy is to lock on you and press the button assigned to those.

2.Speaking of crash damage, how about you tweak it a bit?


Sometimes it feels completely inconsistent, you crash at 700m/s head on into a rock, and you may take only 300-500 damage, other times you go slower and crash at a lower angle, you die instantly, does the material you crash into matters? Like whenever you crash into shipwrecks they can deal tremendous amounts of damage just by lightly bumping into them, or does it depend on the ships model? I’m pretty sure something is not right here, you should have a look at that.

3.Add a filter in Storage based on loyalty.


Basically it will be just another filter criteria, we have ranks and upgrade levels so why not sort them by vouchers too? It can save some time even if you know what faction each item belongs to or not.

4.I would like the patch notes to include more little changes that you do.


Either graphical or mechanical.(such as stats tweaks) they do have an impact in the attractiveness of the game, but being taken by surprise even by big changes shows that the devs may not care enough to share every bit of information about every patch, and there are many things to compare between them to make sure we miss nothing, not worth the bother if you ask me, how about a little example then?



Yes, a whole rework of the aspect of Sai, maybe a new weapon and some new modules will follow, how many of you knew about this?


5.This is aimed towards the forum, raise the maximum amount of data we can upload.


I was allowed to upload 127 KB so I had to butcher the quality of the picture from above, not very handy especially if you want to make guides based on images, you could use links to embed them but just uploading them directly here feels more comfortable, maybe some of you can have larger capacities so being inconsistent is the problem?..

P.S.: I won’t ask about your suggestions, so keep from posting them, if this topic is to turn into a rant battlefield then at least let me get my Gewehr 98. Seriously tho, NO, STOP!

Added for review and + from me

Good ideas and btw the upload limit is something like 60MB so you need to delete some of your old attachments. Atm the only way to do it is go to the attachments in your profile and click the link for where its at, edit the post and delete the attachments. Tedious Ik. I had to do this and ask the same thing you did about the upload limit.



The profile pic is limited, thats what he was talking about, the rest is okay.

That can be a problem too only if you make it a GIF.

Yeah, I kinda used a lot of space there, and I just stumbled into this:

Remember back when the R11 DDs were just released and I found that Enriched Berryllium in the MC? I posted it on the forum and everyone freaked out, god, those were the days, I could use it in the relic contest but that is like 2 years ago, maybe if it was a bit older…