56th Fighter Squadron

56th Fighter Squadron





Quid si coelum ruat - ‘What if the heavens fall?’




A phoenix - approved by King Edward VIII in July 1936. The phoenix was chosen to underline the Squadron’s ability to reappear intact regardless of the odds.


Welcome to the Squadron cadets you are some of the elite officers in the entire sector and as such have been chosen to become apart of the legendary 56th Squadron.

We operate in the outer reachs from our home base on the Fleet Carrier Damocles graciously donated to us for use by the empire.





I have decided to start up this clan/corporation after migrating from eve online to star conflicts and love the game. Being from the uk i have noticed there wasnt many caterign to the need and as such i have decided to push ahead.

Placements will be limited as being a specialised sqaudrons there will be dedicated roles within and coupled with a preference on my part to like to know the people i play with this limits the clan/corp to a initial 20 before looking to expand.


  1. Friendly Atomosphere

  2. Uk timezone GMT +0

  3. Dedicated Leadership

  4. Urge to Progressive and form a cohesive unit

  5. Listing of complete Ship list and pilots


Upcoming features

Teamspeak 3 server

Squadron website

More background story


If intrested send me a pm or shout me ingame or simply apply to this post.



Squadron Commander Tallomin

(56 Squadron)


Command Staff

Commander: Tallomin “Hunter” Corcoran

Executive Officer: N/A



Commander: Tallomin “Hunter” Corcoran

Ship roster


Active Ships


Bastion Class Fleet Carrier: _ I.F.C Damocles _


Hercules class Fighter: _ I.S.F Sphinx _

Hi there,


My timezone is UK GMT 0 and would like to join your clan and be part of a team.

The reason I would like to join is to have fun and be part of a team that I can comunicate.


Username Profile: lair360