4x banned

wtf this gms doing???i sed in 1 game that all this tm sux etc…no spam no other things.just 1x writed about Ace tm.i got 1h ban on chat…after 5 min i got 1h banned account.ok i waited 1h and came agen online+bough license on 24h…now i m playing 30 min and get banned agen for 7 days mutted…wtf?ok dont care that mute ban…after 3 haurs mutted i get 24h acc ban wtf is going on???how i can speak or spam with mute?is this normal?

i bought license when i came in time license will be disapiered omfg!!!

why ban 4x for 1 bad mesage in chat?


i cudnt find place in forum where to write ban appears.

ok i will wait thes 24h i dont realy care but stop my license or give +20h license time.

It may be possible that either you have someone falsely accusing you, or what you are saying is being misunderstood. Judging by your conduct and grammar in this post I would say that this is more likely.

Also, you can be banned for earlier misdemeanors too.

lol comunity here is shi t!good bay.wont play this trash anymore…


I will look into your case and send you a pm in a few minutes.