4th Ship Tier - Destroyers








This is an example of a classic destroyer.


Destroyer stats


-Nearly half the speed of frigates (They are twice the size of frigates)

-Nearly more the firepower, but even slower barrels and firing rate. 

–2 Hit KO Interceptors (rare chance to hit)

–4 Hit KO Fighters (Medium Chance to Hit)

–10 Hit KO Frigates (Main target)


Amount of HP, Shield, Slots, speed, and Modules TBD (to be decided)




-One player is designated Pilot and torpedo Launcher and target designator

-The second Player is gunner controlling the Shields and the Turrets. 


-Both players have to work together to ensure survivability, 




  • Special Game mode which allows only 1 destroyer per team, and it is only unlockable to players in corporations. 


  • If one person wants to use there own destroyer, then at least one person has to AGREE to play as the gunner during the match 


Voting maybe involved?

Team Vote?





Destroyers are NOT support vessels, They are for frontal assault on the enemy team which REQUIRE support and gain attributes for being with the vessel (Perks?) Players have to be very skilled pilots due to the weight and speed of the vessel ) but Mostly rely on teammates to deal with fighters and interceptors so the destroyer can deal with the frigates. 


It only requires 2 frigates with all weapons bearing to take down a destroyer in 20 seconds.


Destroyers have a specific weakness - There engines (A separate module) which is not shielded as heavily - thus a exploit that people have to aim for and a objective in which to defend. 



Thanks for reading and post what you think. For more information look up Homeworld 2 for the references  But I belive that this would be an excellent addition to the game in the FAR future.

i do not support large, slow ships, Infact i feel that all ships should be 75-250mt, When atm its 50,350,4000mt.


This game is way to fast pace, for slow ships right now, Maybe in a few months when open universe is out, its a possibility, But for now, the ships need to be more dog fighters, rather then capital-ship concepts.

Agreed, That’s why I said that this would be a good idea for the FAR future. But it would be fun to have a single ship with your friend riding shot gun…

oh homeworld 2 … the hiigaran latest destroyer build :smiley:

i don’t think the devs will enclude anything larger than the ships available right now…there will be capital class ships like the clan dreadnought but that’s it…

if you want larger ships you should take a look at the upcomming star citizien by chris roberts (it features a player controlable carrier)

-Nearly more the firepower, but even slower barrels and firing rate.


This doesn’t make a lot of sense unless you are confusing the ship class of “destroyer” with some kind of weight class. It is not actually a term for a general purpose warship like “Frigate” is.


It specifically refers to a type of warship dedicated to defending itself and other vessles it is escorting against smaller, fast targets. The term itself comes from “Torpedo Boat Destroyer”.

shoulda the new class is Battle Cruiser / Dreadnaught , used only in clan tournament by clan leader (or he could choose who goin pilot it?) and some member for turret (picked by the pilot or random?) . this ship obviously must outmatch any other ship type and tier since you has to work together to destroy it.


The fight goin captain mode in huge map with more ppl (maybe 25 or 50 ppl? since some boarded in the giant ship as gunner). as long the captain ship not destroyed, keep respawn.

Just make that thing a captains ship for a VS game mode (gets accessible if you are captain only) and bam, new game mode.


Oh and just because I can:


I generally support an idea of cap ships,  So that we could have slow cap ship battles, you could even have cap ships with multiple player spots, gunners, e.c.t. Make sure you could take out turrets on cap ships too. and go crazy, how nice would that be. 


Ohh and you can implement this idea as well by allowing only corporations to build cap ships 

Yes and it will add coporation battles to be special with corps and there own super ships…