3 ship minimum in sector conquest.

I would like to state that I truly dislike not being able to only bring one ship into sector conquest.

Can this feature be removed? Also, it would be even better if you simply limited everyone to only bring one ship, if you’re going to do anything like this again.

Please, remove the minimum amount by the next patch.

We Masochists beg you.

I will begin bringing my entire corp in with only one ship each. If we do not have the minimum removed, we will start self-destructing out the other two/three ships until we Have one each.

Remember, if there are less ships, you will pay less in damages, and the matches will be shorter. (while the rewards remain.) (No I’m not talking about you dying a quick death but more along the lines of everyone has only one ship on both sides. the game will go just as long if you have only one ship if you’re skilled enough to use it and live in the current matches.)

Though, it will depend on how you fight. With this, you will become more powerful. (skill-wise)


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are you mental. it should be increased to 4, this is endgame stuff not pvp

Which is exactly why it should be, by all rights, decreased down to 1 ship per person.

And no, I’m not mental. I am but a humble masochist.

There is true exhilaration when you have the feeling that you have but one life to give in each fight.

It makes you stronger, or it reveals you as a coward. At least in a game, have the courage to face your enemy head on, and you will even

find the strength needed to survive entire matches with the pugs without ever losing a single ship.

In other words, if I take away your ability to calmly, without regret, suicide with a single ship so you can get that kill, so you can simply head to your next ship, and I leave you with only one ship to fight with, how will you fight? In a normal game of sector conquest, do you not fight your hardest with that very last ship?

With this, the competition will become more competitive, and thus the game will become even more fun.

are you mental. it should be increased to 4, this is endgame stuff not pvp

What, so that the minimum is raised even higher? It was bad enough it was raised from 7 to 11 (hehe 7-11.

What, so that the minimum is raised even higher? It was bad enough it was raised from 7 to 11 (hehe 7-11.


again it is end game content, where the best fight the best

How about this, you form a wing of your members, arrange a game with someone, and you can bring naked ships, self-destruct as a whole wing, do w/e, but as soon as you have players from different places, screwing up in the xxxx is unacceptable, no matter how it make you go off.

We’ll only self-destruct in the smaller matches or when we are alone. We won’t be trying to mess with anyone except the enemy when we win.

Say if we have one or two randoms, we’ll feel free to do so. If there are 3+ randoms, or a squad on our team then we’ll keep our ships.

It’s going to be our official corporation’s training regiment. (Aside from the usual custom battle)

However, if it’s all just people from different corps on the other side of the battlefield, we will even the odds. (usually when there are 5, or just a large amount with just us)

The larger games will come later when we feel confident in our personal abilities. 


So…half deal.

While I personally would not only bring one ship, it is end game content and it should be up to the corps and pilots to decide what they want to bring.

Bring 2-3 T4s along with your T5, same result.

Doesn’t matter if you’re a masochist or not, selfdestructing or bringing 1 ship is just stupid. No matter how hardcore you are or how much challenge you want, every game is different and you will need a different thing. 


By doing what you want you will only ruin your teammate’s experience because you’ll be dead at the first minutes and they will have number disadvantage.


As others said, if you want challenge, just ask some corp to do a custom battle against you and your boys.

I’m sure WPK would love to accept your challenge since they’ve tryed to do custom games with r4ge, Ipz, and some other corps.

If you are suggesting that under Sector Conquest the ship lineup be limited to ONLY 1 ship under the premise that this is a ‘End Game’  Best against the Best     I am sure it can be debated.


  This is WRONG if you are making the decision to self destruct all of your ships but one as you are then making a Deliberate ALTERATION in favor of the OTHER team.    I know I would not be too happy if I was one of the random members of your side. 

Since it is end game it should require four ships, not just three. If you haven’t got a fourth slot yet you obviously aren’t at the endgame yet!

You don’t need to have 4 slots to be end game… Tier 4 is now merged with T5 when it comes to pvp and I’ve taken quite a few T5’s down in my lance. Not to mention when I brought my katana and brought down T5 ships.

why not simply NOT waste time at start and just spawn the ship you want…


do your Self destruct if/after you die…



problem solved

If I self-destruct all of my ships afterwards, the odds of someone wanting to report me for helping the enemy team inadvertently would rise.

I’d rather not deal with such things. That’s why I have to waste my time self-destructing right at the start.

Besides, if I don’t self-destruct the ships right then and there, I don’t get the feeling of a rush; because, there is still the possibility that

I would simply use one of the other ships afterwards. I must force my own hand so I don’t cheat myself.

That’s why I have to waste my time self-destructing right at the start.


I would simply use one of the other ships afterwards. I must force my own hand so I don’t cheat myself.


While I applaud your commitment to excellence, I must question if you are taking things a bit too far.


As you have already pointed out, most players would take exception to your method.


I guess I just don’t understand why you are trying to make a space simulator out of a space arcade shooter.

It would help to shorten the length of each match, (depending on pilot skill or cowardice) and thus everyone would be able to 

get more games in within the one hour of each sector conquest. One ship per pilot would ensure that, in theory, 

each match is a quality one.


That being said, perhaps I am taking it a bit far; however,

I believe it’s best to exaggerate an idea, so you can find a comfortable medium, or be rid of it entirely.

I’m creative today…

Why not just create a own game mode for Sector Conquest that is just called Sector Conquest, maybe smth exciting. But with ship respawn and the stuff, no ship minimum and whatever, just a good gamemode.


Edit: Oh i forgot to say, improve the Matchmaker there, the squad & team size(sometimes) / strength is absolutely unbalanced.

Who wants to fly with randoms only against 4x Nova + 2x SRS…

In Skirmish you can be “that guy” who brings only one ship to the annoyance of the team. In most game modes you will only limit your choices anyway.

Make it a LRF, as statement, you really do not care what your team is going to do.


Now T3 has lost the realistic mode, and nobody cares what you bring in the small scale higher tier battles anyway.


But in Sec Con, it was quite annoying, if you ended up with people coming there with only a few ships, since every brought ship is a life in that game mode. Nobody should be allowed in, without a full set, and I find that is a good solution. In fact, everybody in Sec Con should have 4 slots already, so why not even make it 4.

I guess that OP is Mental, so I must be Serious Sam. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Now bring me some rockets and a rocket launcher!