2 simple suggestions for destroyers

  1. Instead of using the “Look around” key to center the ship towards the crosshairs while flying destroyers, switch it for free aim. That would make my life a lot easier, however i know im not the only one playing this, so next idea should be better: open a keybind configuration for turning the ship automatically towards the crosshairs for destroyers, allowing players to use control or any other key they desire for switching fire modes; since this is only for destroyers, there should be no issue with overlapping commands from standart ship commands.


  1. (this one is a little more visual, but still qualifies here) When zooming in at maximum, the destroyer uses all the center of the screen, making impossible to see where projectiles hit, so hud is the only way to “see”. For this, you can set the camera like it works in normal ships (over the top and close to the middle section), meaning the destroyer will be using the lower part of the screen and the center will be clear to spot and shoot.


Any better ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

Let’s proceed this discussion tomorrow with a start of official patch discussion.