2 primary weapon.

I was thinking it would be nice to able to trade both secondary weapons (rockets, missiles, extra) for a second weapon. I like being able to use something like the heavy weapons at long range, but their slow turn rait makes me feel I have no chance if something gets close to me. Short range weapons have a simular problem, I get out ranged and have a hard time.  


To keep this from being broken there would have to be some restrictions.

  1. can not shoot both at the same time.

  2. there are no weapon mods for the secondary weapon it is what it is.

  3. Maby have the secondary do about 1/2 - 3/4 of the damage, so they are used defensively.

That way some one can take the longer range weapons and feel like some damage is being done to people close up moveing faster than their gun can turn . Or for the people who want close range weapons as their main, can use a secondary long range to do some damage on their way in.


I would even be willing to trade a active module to do this. Make it semi cheep like 20-60 energy per/s based on what weapon it is. More damage takes more energy. But not so taxing that it drains all the energy of the ship.

well I see 2 problems with this:


  1. Imagine I was to take a laser in first slot and heavy rail in second. I shoot down someones shields with my laser (which is increadibly easy and fast with them) and then continue to switch a heavy hitting kinetic damage weapon of to which I have no shot limit (as opposed to missiles)


  1. Sacrificing turn speed for damage is the main reason why heavy railguns can stay balanced.


a third but not-as-important one, there’s no way to make it look acceptable on the hull in any logical way ;I


Anyway, if you have a problem with pesky interceptors or fighters, go with minefields, propulsion inhibitors and pulsars

I have an other idea which you can choice what kind of weapon on any gun slot you have.



-interceptor have 2 slot gun, so you can put a laser gun to slot 1 and put a plasma gun into slot 2.


PS: sorry my bad english.

In theory, this is an interesting Idea. 

In practice, this might not work…at all.