101st Airborne [101ab] -Recruiting

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101st Airborne [101st] is currently recruiting any rank pilot. We are a very well established

multi-gaming clan and have been in existence since 2001. We do require our users to join us in our Teamspeak 3 voice chat server even if they do not have a mic this allows us to communicate efficiently in squads. We currently have 80+ active members but that changes on a regular basis because we have past members who return to us regularly or leave based on real life. We do have an age restriction of 16+ but for family members or if you are mature this age limit is a grey area. We value Honor, Integrity and brotherhood above all else so come join us if you want to have a lifetime membership into one of the greatest and friendliest gaming clans to exist.



for more information or to join please post or private message me

you also can find me in-game @ kspapasmurf

Rank 4 looking for a Clan to play this game with, would like to communicate with friendlies while playing, I think it would increase the amount fun I’m having :slight_smile:

private correspondence sent please see your inbox.

Interested in joining. Rank 6. I just started but I am a fast learner.

Private correspondence sent please see your inbox.

interested in joining. pretty new but im getting the hang of it

can I join  just got it and I just got rank 5

Howdy! Shot you a friend request kspapasmurf! I’m definitely interested in joining.

I am possible interested in joining. Require further information.

I’m looking to join this group. I’ve seen this group in Resistance and Liberation in the past and I’m looking to join. I don’t use a microphone often but I see communication as a big game changer. Unfortunately, sometimes I won’t be able to use the microphone but I will resort to using the IM to try and keep it going. In the case, that I won’t be able to communicate whatsoever, just tell me what I need to do and I will do it. As long as it’s not just plain suicide. I’m Rank 4 Federation and climbing with Fighter as my primary.

Looking for a coproration to join and this looks pretty awesome. I am a Rank 5 Empire. Username is M11xStryker

seems like a moderitly relaxed place to be. Rank 5 and climbing. hope to meet you all in teamspeak.     ign: Ayane9

Tier 3 Elite pack pilot here!

Tier 2 and rising. Would be nice to have some friendlies out there that are willing to communicate and work as a team.

Rank with T1 3 and 5 Jericho 'd love to join :x, ingame ID: bLaCkBuRn

military here looking for more info and possibly an invite big gamer and always looking for friendlies

i don’t know if these guys are active, i waited a while and never got a message or anything and their last forum post was Feb 16. maybe they have just drooped off the map.

Hi All,


Very interested in joining Clan as i have just hit level 4 and would like to get into this game !


Please let me know.

Hi, im very interested in joining a clan, don’t have a clue how clans work but i think i should start, Rank 5 




Im looking for a corp, now Im at rank 9 Raid