10-hour mission from Arthur Cage should not provide random Loyalty vouchers

Suggestion: (remove the randomness of Loyalty vouchers for 10-hour missions from Arthur Cage)



As you can see, when a Player has one or more ‘free’ Loyalty vouchers maxed out, the mission will not take into account the fact that they’re already maxed.

You also won’t receive any private mail when your Loyalty vouchers are maxed out.

Faction’s Hangar (Guardian, Eden, Mendes) should affect the type of Loyalty vouchers as well, but this isn’t the case here. It’s completely random.


I am suggesting two relevant changes here:

1.) Faction’s hangar - (Empire - ‘Guardian-17’, Federation - ‘New Eden’, Jericho - ‘Mendes-IX’) should determine the type of vouchers as the reward for completing Arthur’s Cage contract.

1.)a) If one type of ‘free’ Loyalty vouchers is already maxed, then the other type that’s affiliated with the same faction should be selected. If both types are maxed, then you get a private mail.

2.) Private mail should be received if a person already maxed his Loyalty vouchers that will expire in 24 hours. This also applies to standard Loyalty contracts, not just this 10-hour mission.








As you can see, I received 49500 ‘Techs’ Loyalty vouchers, yet I already have 1000000 ‘Techs’ Loyalty vouchers. I still need ‘Legion’ Loyalty vouchers, though.

Make sure that the system will check for such anomalies or at least mitigate them.

If you got any other ideas, let me know. I am sure that there will be voters who don’t know how to vote correctly.