Ze`ta Active modules

I will keep this short,

Can someone tell me why i am unable to use some of my active modules after ranking my ship up to 12,

I dont mind manufacturing Rank (14-17) Modules, but not beeing able to fit the rank 11 modules i bought to my ship after you rank up to 12 seems like a terrible design.

And a smack in the face after grinding your Zeta up to rank 12. Atm i have to keep my Zeta at rank 11 or i will cripple my ship.

Alien ships should be able to use the lowest rank of modules all the way up to max rank, 

I am fine with manufacturing Module rank upgrades,

As far as I know at rank 12 you can use every active module unique to Ze’Ta of both tiers, unless you are referring to the general destroyer actives, some which happen to have weird ranks, and which were meant for ranks 8, 11 and 14, in that case you might want to get the higher tiers, it will help in the long run anyway.