Your Favourite Electro Music!

Post some of your favourite electro musics for example my favourite is: this music is actually electros if it is a problem go eat Donuts.

I love almost anything done by Monstercat.


Actually I’m listening to this while playing DotA 2

Hmm, electro. I’m gonna paste a “few” Youtube channels for you that i follow in this category:



Glitch Groove [mainly glitch hop]:

Glitch Hop Community [glitch hop]:


Mr Suicide Sheep [random stuff]:

   -  Suicide Sheeep [same as above, but free (alt channel)]:

Pretend Penguin [random stuff]:

Famer17 [random stuff]:

Fluidified [random stuff]:

17tumba [random stuff]:


Mr Revillz [house, mainly chill, sometimes others]:

Saints of Serenity [pretty much like above]:


Jompa Music [same, mostly new kind of dance stuff]:

Orion Music Network [random stuff, awesome dance stuff]:




Blackmill Music [one of the best artists! (imo ofc) - MUST HEAR!]:

Philter [another awesome artist]:

Benzla [some deeper electro stuff]:

Kaiori Breathe [artist, awesome chill, glitch hop, electro]:

Idenline [incredible chill stuff, a MUST HEAR!]:


Soundcloud, has no youtube channel:

Stumbleine [also incredible chill stuff - DEFINITELY MUST HEAR!]:



Just gave you a lifetime worth of music :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t miss Blackmill, Idenline and Stumbleine, i mean it!


I missed a few of them on purpose, dunno if you want liquid drum and bass, normal dnb, heavier or neurofunk. Let me know. I’m in a few of those as well.

Also i have my own youtube playlists (un-updated unfortunately as some vids keep getting deleted due to different reasons). If you want links let me know, i add stuff every time i find something i like.


PS> forgot to say another must-check: Mitis