You can not throw open space: the service is not responding

Hello I need your help please, I can not get open when trying to undock the space I get the following error 


You can not throw open space: the service is not responding 

I hope for your help please thanks.

It was temporarily servers problems

hey there,


we seem to have this problem back and on top, the daily mono missions are missing.

Guys, pay attention to updates.  You’re causing it yourselves.    


If you are ingame and the Game Servers are updated, your client side is now out of sync and running old code.

It will THROW the logic the flow at times if the changes were major logic modifications.

Just log off, End the Client, restart the client, let it download the new patches from the server and go back in.


If you’re in Open Space and cant dock, … SAVE your session (from MAIN GAME menu)…do the above and when you restart your ship will be back in open space in the sector you were at when saved, then execute the dock using the newly updated logic.


I realize the phrase “Throw” may not make sense to some users if encountered while playing, but its a common term used in Systems Design of Applications that means an error has occurred that can not be responded to in logic at the time and the subroutine or event process is exiting and being tossed by up to the generic error handler.


Since you are attempting to still run outdated logic against the game servers logic, that’s causing the Throw.   Developers are not going to added a ton of bloated logic and code into the deep bowels of an application to update your client side while InGame to over come this.   Its already there.   Its at the front end of the game.  Exit, Client updates the the logic and you go on.



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