You Asked to post this, so...
you said to post it as a bug on the forum… which was done, several times over the past 2 years… so forgive me if I don’t use the guidelines, I’m short on time and don’t feel like posting it all AGAIN
the attatched image should be obvious enough to anyone with eyes in their head:

so, 2 years ago, when the slots were added to all ships, some idiot inadvertently inverted Taikin’s slot1, which effects it’s unique premium skin for those of us who pre-ordered it. it’s BACKWARDS
the person who added the slots also stretched the top windshield (which doesn’t do much of anything, but may be the cause of the CHANGE from a forward facing bat, to a rear facing upside down bat.



(and forgive me for not making a new screenshot, I used an old screenshot, of the issue. when people complain about decor being bugged, THIS one is the main one we been complaining about. there’s also 2 slots of Black Ghost that clip through the ship… one strait through the nose of the ship.
these are the 2 main issues… yeah, alot of decor are backwards or sideways, and it makes sense, I mean, your first decors for all ships didn’t have a directional need, they’re the same in all directions, be it Moon, Crystal, the police light or the mist one… they didn’t need to be facing any specific direction… but then the directional ones ended up being all kinds of wrong, because someone applied them to the ships rather haphazardly. 
understand if you don’t want to do fixes on those, get to em when you got time… BUT Black ghost and Tai-Kin are the ships people actively complain about, because Tai’Kins unique is special only for those of us who paid for it. and Black Ghost was a premium ship that honestly, clips horribly.
so Fix Tai-Kin (and fix black ghost for that other guy who actively complains about the clipping ship) because these were premium features that got bunked


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