Yo-Mama jokes of compliments! (Competition!!)

 Yo-Mama Jokes

of Compliments

Forum Competition!   


            Have you ever laughed at a Yo-Mama joke, and knew you shouldn’t? But wish you could without feeling guilty? Well your in luck. Yo-Mama jokes of Compliments!!! Here is an example, (thought of by me.) 


“Yo Mama is so understanding, Jesus went to here for moral support!”     Bwahahah!!!


Anyway, the way this competition is going to work is;


You post your own, original Yo-Mama joke in this thread. And remember, it must be appropriate, and a compliment. 

This Thursday, or Friday, (depending on the number of posts,) I will choose, what I think to be the 10 best jokes.

Then I will make a poll, and you guys vote on which one is the best! The voting will end Sunday. (6/9/13)

And the winner gets a custom forum signature done by me! If that is of any value to anyone, :stuck_out_tongue:


Remember, the joke must be kind, and original. No ripping-off other people’s entries. :stuck_out_tongue: and it must be ROFL funny!!!

Let the competition BEGIN!!! 


( Note to admins/moderators. If this is in the wrong forum category, please feel free to move it. Sorry if it is. )

This is the entry format you should use. For convenience sake.



Name: Grendor


Joke: Yo Mama is so understanding, Jesus went to here for moral support!


Notes: (Any notes about the joke)

Ill bite.


Name:  Censored by Admin


Joke:  Yo Mama is so cool, she put the Ice in Vanilla, T, and Cube.


Notes:  *rimshot*