yesterday's server crash cost me!

#1…I lost one “full day” of premium !

#2…I lost all points I’d accumulated, plus a cargo-hold full of goodies!

#3…when I finally got to log in this evening, I was told the missiles “Firestorm-V” and “flat-reflector V” were “outdated” and had been removed! (I’d just “updated” them!)…when I went to re-install, I had to buy the same missiles and lens! and re-purchase without getting them “updated”…

#4…the game also “charged” me 70,000 credits for repairs !!! to my Mjolnir I was flying when the game crashed and booted me out, because it wouldn’t let me use the gates or dock!


I’m a “paying customer” and have been spending money on this game…my latest purchase was through paypal, I may have to ask them to get a refund if this is NOT handled this time, to my satisfaction !


Call to support