Xeno missions are no more available, event description says until 8 april inclusive

Why are the xeno missions no more available, In the event description it’s says until 8 april  inclusive???

Yup… made me spend a fortune in GS. *lies* :))


It was a nice move from devs to not disclose that missions and xenochips will not be removed on the same day.

We can still spend our xenochips and that is what they said… well played.:frowning:



Actually, you are right. The event description really includes the 8th of April too. Well, meh then.


Maybe try to relog?


Relogging did not work. We got them back though… a few hours later. The one I had in progress also got reset.

No yesterday evening/night, xeno missions were gone - even after relogin and exit and restart. Today xeno missions are back. Works as intended ; ) - I gave them some GSs …