Xeno-chips for Open Space assignment sometimes require more than one mission to be completed!

Bug report:


During Xeno-chips events, each such event gave away 40 at a time, you got a mission to go in Open Space to a certain sector - Mission was named friends of Cortez, but then the same mission reappeared again in a different sector with a different target to kill. Mission was only completed, after I killed 2 marked pirates in total.



Is it normal that sometimes mission consists of multiple tasks and not just one, or is it a bug?


I went to Empire, Imperial Transport Hub first - Killed a special pirate baron there.

Then I went to Federation, killed a special pirate baron in Cobalt Mines.


Logs: (Check all Open Space entries at the beginning)

[2017.05.14 11.57.09.zip](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=14258)

It is normal, look at the dialogue.

The lore is that one have some “compromising documents” and you have to kill him. He sent them to another person, the second guy you have to kill.

The lore is different for the one you only have to kill one guy. The lore of this one is that this guy dumped Cortes.


Said it already in the last thread asking the same thing.

Not a bug