WunderFlare [Module]

 Name: Wunderflare

 Type: Multipurpose active module

 Energy: 70p

 Recharge: 30s

 Tooltip: Fires a single massive flare that persists for 21 seconds and makes homing missiles fired or locked in a 2000m radius ineffective. If a ship gets within 150m of it they take increasing thermal damage. Can be moved by ships bumping it but not destroyed.


It would be a unique drop in loot after battle. The whole item is dropped and does not require purchase.



How to make it: (guide for the lazy dev)

1: Copypasta a micro locator and rename it.

2: Change the effect to effect all ships in radius. (or just allies)

3: Change the buff to one that triggers the “flare thrown” event every 0.2-0.5 second.

4: Give it a gradient damage aura copypasta’d from the Reaper ram or radiation cloud.

5: That’s literally it. It’s not that hard. Stop stopping making things. Give me assets and an engine and I can make all of the players’ ideas real in a day.

"I’m “xKosty and all of Fox’s ideas make me butt-hurt”


You got it all wrong, your own ideas get you butthurt for users not liking them, but fear not, I’m here for you to clarify things like this for ya ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)