Wrong language during tutorial

I just started the game, ran through the tutorial and it was in Russian. Is there any language setting I can select to change that?

The voices ingame are all in Russians, we’ve got to wait for the english voices.

At the moment it is only in russian but it should be translated soon.

How about just a keymap in English then?

Damned hard to fly when you don’t know what button does what…

In the game folder you can find a manual.

Yes, onscreen texts in english would be very helpful, especially the tutorial screens. No need to hurry with the voices.

The most important part of the game isn’t in English D:

I can’t even beat the tutorial…

Have to agree with those above here, dont care about the voices etc, as it’s beta, but the fact that there is no english version of the tutorial is worrying.

This need to be fixed asap. Won’t be even attempting to play until it is I’m afraid.

Read the manual in the game folder.

I beat the tutorial on first try… just fly around killing enemy ships and do NOT get near their base. You just need to get like 5 ship kills to win.

/fixed and closed.