Wrong "buttons listeners" when game starts

Before the gme starts I can’t use those buttons that shows me the list of ships. If I right click in that area I receive info about players… That means the buttons actions are not in the right position…



i have this problem too … :013j:

What are your game resolution, monitors max resolution supported, interface scale(slider in options)?

please confirm if you do or do not have this string in your session log (when this issue occurs)

ERROR| [string “ui\scripts\windows\gameplaywnd.lua”]:0: attempt to index a nil value

If you got this issue, in order to fix it, go to My documents, my games, star conflict. Find folder profiles and delete it. It will reset that pilot list inbattle and will be clickable again.



Sorry for no reply xKostyan. I have deleted the folder profiles and it works. Thank you so much!