Would it be possible to have a brief timeline for future events?

I’m personally very busy and miss days here and there.

It would let me rest at ease if I knew when flash sales and discounts were on the horizon so I could make myself available at those times.

This isn’t to say that I would avoid playing until an event, just that I would make a point of being online if I knew something was going to happen on a given day.

There’s also the anxiety of avoiding GS purchases because of the thought “What if they have a sale tomarrow?” And this has bit me several times in the past, and really turns me off from a game when it happens.

There’s also the event of going to work and coming home to find that I completely missed an opportunity while having no way to reach it, it feels terrible.


So, could sales be announced in advance? If not a timeline, then at least a few days notice that one will be happening?