WolfKhanGeneral's 2021 Corporation Class Ronin Guide(updated 05/25/2021)





6 Ronins for complete Invisibility for 7 of the wing, and great resistance for the only one visible. 

Accuracy of the weapon is great, and the speed of the projectiles are perfect for catching quick foes or destroying small nuisances like a micro locator. 

Engine will maintain peak capacity due to perfect capacitor regeneration which allows good movement for the fleet. 

Add in a command to increase resistances further if wanted, and perhaps a tackler as well if wanted to increase versatility. 

An engineer, a destroyer, anything you like - with 6 of these Ronins you’ll be set. 

Also it is able to fight in both pvp/pve settings as is fairly well - chips/pve grinding not included

Focus-Fire is key

Focus-Fire Mass Anomaly Generators for times when an opponent is large and tanky 


The Build is well suited for both single and team play




Weapon: Mass Drivers

Ammunition: Vanadium Shells

Missile: Anomaly Generator

Active Modules: Signature Masking, ‘Spectre’ Field, Shield Booster L, Emergency Shield Boost

Capacitor: Capacitor Power Relay x2, Iridium Heat Sink

Shield: Thermal Modulator x2, Variative Shield Projector

Hull: Passive Armor, Regenerative Coating

CPU: Gun Adapter


when in a group of Ronins - I suggest only having 1-2 ronins equipping the signature masking - the others may switch it out for other guard modules to ensure maximum efficiency (mainly due to enemy ships becoming immune to the module after activation for just under 30 seconds) it’s best to use the signature masking in emergency situations elsewise keep it in passive mode. 


when there is no EM damage to be had, the special module can be used to boost either anti thermal or anti kinetic to 300 base resistance. this will make 23,650 base volume into  94,600 true shield volume before adding in base shield regeneration and shield based active regeneration modules or signature masking which increases the value further and the ‘spectre’ field which increases resistances even further

updated with a note at the bottom of the initial post*

Are you happy now that you can use chips for regen ? ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)

to a degree, not really into modes beyond pvp but sometimes playing with the new modules is fun

The cpu may be changed out with either +range or +critical chance if preferred / the weapon adapter is acceptable never the less.