Wish Star Conflict a Happy New Year!

New Year is just around the corner! It’s time for our festive competition ‘Wish Star Conflict a Happy New Year!’. The number of winners is not limited!





To wish Star Conflict a happy holiday, you can make a card, a video or write a beautiful creative text. The only limit is your imagination. Just remember that your submission has to be devoted to the game world of Star Conflict!


Entries are accepted in a special form. Enter your nickname, email, and a link to your submission or text.


We will select the best entries by evaluating their originality, humour and quality.



All winners will receive 5000 Galactic Standards

Submissions will be accepted through January 5. Winners will be announced on January 7.

Good luck, pilots!



Posted Today, 06:04 PM
Pilots! Our New Year contest has ended. Thank you all for your kind words. Hope that most of your wishes will come true. We’ve decided to give 5000 GS rewards to following participants:


  1. SacraUmbra with his poem:

My wish for the new years, a destroyer of course.
To fly with my crew, destroying pirates with great force.
Capturing beacons we call bacons, until a Interceptor drops a mine.
Such annoyance they bring, but a Guard will do just fine.
And never forget the Tacklers, with their spamming of cloak.
But bring in a frigate with Mortars, that will surely make them choke.
And I almost forgot the Biomorphs, and they are one of a kind.
And the power of their swarms, can be a nightmare for any grind.
And that is it for me, my wish is complete.
But of course I wish you all have a great new years, with your family and fleet


  1. ORCA1911 with his Christmas song:

Crashing with a blow
In a Biomorph filled space
Respawn here we go
Vengeance all the way
Flux on Jag I’ll bring
Their deaths will be quite bright
What fun it is to sing and kill
A Biomorph bunch tonight
Oh, one-hit kills, one-hit kills
Destruction all the way
Oh, what fun it is to fly
In a Biomorph filled space
One-hit kills, one-hit kills
Vengeance all the way
Oh, what fun it is to fly
In a Biomorph filled space
Several days ago
I had to pick a side
And soon some Missus Frost
Was caught messing with my ride
The reasons were unclear
Misfortune was her lot
Then she filled my bank
And missions got upsot
Oh, single shots, single shots
Fireworks all the way
Oh, what fun it is to fly
In a Biomorph filled space
Single shots, single shots
Asteroids in the way
Oh, what fun it is to fly
In a Biomorph filled space
YEAH ! :crash:

3. Mcsilver with his simple but sincere congratulation: 

I wish more respect between people less hate, more love and Friendship.And i wish more great Games  for the Future

4. PROWARRIOR with his small essay about motivation, we’ve found it very inspiring:

I wish very happy new year to STAR CONFLICT !! Its almost 3-4 years I’ve been play’n the game.

just a SMALL Memory Linked with you : -
(I Don’t care about the prize and I know NO one will read this xxxx, but Its my lovely memory with you guyz :smiley: )
I still remember that I messages you that, I want to join your game Studio - about 3 years ago. At that time I was NOTHING ! didn’t knew anything about Game Developing. BUT you made me WHAT I’AM NOW !! when you replied that I need to know game developing, I REALLY worked HARD !! You will be glad to know that YOU - STAR CONFLICT has made me a game developer !! Now I’m not only fluent in C++ and C# but I also know JavaScript , C and Python in game programming. The spirit to INVOLVED in YOUR TEAM, made me a game developer, who know many game engines and have worked on 8 Major Projects !! With 2 Internships and 2 Regional Trophies that I won Because of YOU !!
SO, I want to DEDICATE my all passion towards Game Developing to YOU : STAR CONFLICT !!
YOU are my REAL HERO !! and so I want dedicate my trophies to you !!
You just don’t know what you have done in my life !!
The words are not enough for me to express my thoughts…
I’ve mentioned this here, becauses I think this is the best way, i don’t want any prize, I just want to THANK YOU, for making my life !
You will be greatly touched to hear that I’m still in High School and I’m just 17, and I’ve completed 2 internships in game developing ! I work on Unity3D, Blender Game Engine etc. I’ve developed many games so far…
I’m always AMAZED to feel your game engine ! because it’s so flexible and Powerful. But the best part : I’m creating the copy of your game, but can’t make it, its like almost 1 year !!


5. Thunderbee with his congratulations with a little bit of humour:

A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your hands. It is your chance to write a beautiful story of yourself…
Happy New Years :smiley:


  1. Exorian  with his poem

I skid 'cross the stars in my favorite Swift Mk. III

wishing I wouldn’t run into ‘them’, or ‘them’ into me

when from behind an asteroid, I picked up such a clamor,

3 hunters and two ships, one of them just shattered!

a festive loki fighter, painted red, white, and green

with the special kind of paint, the one with the sheen!

The name of his ship, (that fine flying thing)

was the “Federation’s Santa.” It had a nice ring

he was gracefully fighting (as well as one could)

against these 3 hunters, Win I knew he would!

he mentioned not a thing as he went at his work

he knew then and there, THIS was no time to shirk

so I joined in the fight, in my beloved Mk. III

just for a second, of course, he didn’t need me.

I fired a thermal rocket at the biggest of the group

and they all turned to me, the whole entire troupe!

the “Santa” swept in (guns blazing of course)

and blew them all up! Leaving cargo at their source,

and he flew away fast (I suspected microwarp)

as he yelled "Merry Christmas, in space! From our Corps!

That’s when I knew, I would love Christmas in space,

as I had met Santa, though I hadn’t seen his face.

I flew to the cargo, and picked it up with a dash

and a light cell inside very beautifully flashed!

on top of this cargo, a very pretty sight:

a card that read “Happy New Year! And to all a good night!”

Merry Christmas Star Conflict!!! And I hope you have a very Happy New Year as well!

your aspiring interceptor pilot,
All winners will receive 5000 GS. Congratulations!


  1. HertogGijs with his poem


There it is.

Playing Star Conflict

that you’ve missed.

Ready to start

a brand new year.

So we can play Star Conflict this year

With more passion and time than ever before.


Some Biomorphs search forever

for that one special pilote in open space

But don’t forget.

If you see a biomorph with a santa claus hat,

realise it is Christmas in Star Conflict.


  1. And Sinaka with his card


All winners will receive 5000 GS. Congratulations!