Winter Survey 2017: Results



Pilots! Most recently, we invited you to participate in a [small New Year poll](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35741-star-conflict-the-winter-survey/) . The holidays are over, it’s time to take stock.


More than 3,500 mercenaries took part in the survey! The majority of those who completed the questionnaire were aged between 24 and 35 (31%). Another 26% are still too young to die — the age is from 18 to 24. 22% of the youngest pilots are under the age of 18. And only 17% of respondents are older than 35 — old-timers of the fringe sectors, still remembering Bartle.


The majority of mercenaries are men (84%). There are very few girls in space — only 2%. And 14% of biomorphs are already threatening to seize our systems!


Many people who filled out the questionnaire are from Russia and the CIS (79%). Other pilots are from North America (10%), Europe (6%) and South America (4%). 1% of the respondents indicated Asia as their residence. It is interesting that 2 Russian-speaking pilots are currently in South America.


A lot of players (32%) learned about the game from YouTube videos. Almost as many (31%) first saw Star Conflict in advertising on websites. 22%, where the majority are English-speaking pilots, found the game in the Steam store. Friends dragged 11% of the players into space. The remaining 4% heard recommendations from social networks.


It is only natural that most mercenaries have been sweeping the expanses of the fringe sectors for more than a year and a half (34%). 20% of players have been with us since the CBT. 18% have been playing more than a year, and 12% more than a month. 15% of the players are just beginning their journey.


We are fans of computer games. And you are exactly the same! 45% of the respondents play games daily. Another 26% — 5-6 days a week. Almost half of the respondents (41%) played on New Year holidays. And 35% spent New Year’s Eve in the heat of space battles.


We carefully read thousands of messages sent to us and we want to share with you some especially sincere ones. Spelling and punctuation are on the conscience of the authors.


What do pilots expect from the new year and what they dream about when flying in space?



Awesome views of stars and celestial bodies, ships blowing up and combat everywhere



Biomorph-Girls ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)



I expect to level up and get new things and progress and become a pro



Electric Sheep








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