Wing: Neurocybernetic Network

Rumors have it that all ship crews with implants are now vulnerable to interferences sent by the crystalid aliens. 

In a joint efford, the scientists of the Federation and Ellydium Inc. have brought to the market a new Quantum-flux neuro-cybernetic AI. It establishes a network between spaceships in a wing or battle group. The cutting edge technology is based on quantum computers and hyper-speed interlinks based on lightstreem quantum flux wave mechanics. Experts say there is no interaction with the outside, which makes the new neuro-cybernetic AI immune to crystalid jammers.


The newly released mainframe AIs can be customized according to the requirements of the three factions (equivalent to the standard Crew implants). Rumors from the intelligence community say that the pirate factions have highly modified versions already, based on leaked pre-release versions.


    # Engineer CPU modifier (unique)
Name:                   Neurocybernetic Network
Type:                    Unique module
Group:                  CPU modifier
Ship type:              Frigates
Requirement:        Installed [Frigate missile pack](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35974-fleet-upgrade-missiles/&tab=comments#comment-419387)

Range:                        9000 m
Active time:                     60 s
Recharge                        45 s
Activation:                      300 energy pts
Energy consumption:      60 enrg/s
Description:            On activation the frigate connects with allied fighters and interceptors. The ships share reconnaissance and sensor range data. The conneced ships direct missiles and small drones from the frigate with installed [missile pack](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/35974-fleet-upgrade-missiles/&tab=comments#comment-419387) to their targets. The module is designed to fire missiles, release swarms of mini-drones and provide additional fire-power to fleet upgraded next generation fighters.


Technology: Quantum-flux neuro-cybernetic AI enable fighters and interceptors to control the sensor payload and weapons capability of nearby frigates equipped with this active module (and the Frigate missile pack) from their cockpit. It enables shared reconnaissance information to the allied battle group/wing and quickly relays strategic or targeting information between fighters, missiles, drones and equipped frigates. If networked in this way, they could use wider 3d situational awareness information in the group. Technicians install light data-links, next-generation neuro-cybernetic AI, new quantum flux radios and an ability to both carry more weapons into battle and integrate new, high-tech weapons as they emerge.